I have again been away, but this time it is due to lack of net access. This happens every so often when I reach my bandwidth limit which is actually quite small. The downside of satellite internet. It's very expensive and unless you pay even more through the nose your access is limited. Within a week I'm hoping I can get back on. Until then I post this one shot for Sepia Saturday.

This was purchased at an antique store. I was taken by the handsome young man in the ruins of a cabin. Nothing is written on the back, but looking at the evidence I believe that the roof caved in following a very heavy snow load. I've seen cabins like this more than once. Our snow load in the Sierra's, on the western slope, can be incredible. We get the first snow to hit the state and thus the most water. The beams that were in my folks cabin were huge because of the load they were expected to bear. The cabin was just down from Donner Summit. If you know your history of those who came across country to California by wagon you'll know the story of the Donner Party.

An odd photo with a place seemingly frozen in time in ruins. I love it. Click on it to see it larger.

Unfortunately I will not be able to comment on other Sepia Saturday posts this weekend, but trust there will be some very interesting images to ponder. I'll just have to wait and see them later.


  1. That's a really great photo. I hope you get back on soon.

  2. I Love The Stance 7 The Expression on his face.Like a leading man about to give a performance on The Stage!

  3. We don't have internet access at our cabin and would have to go to satellite but I think it isn't worth it for the amount of time I am up there.
    The photo looks like a diorama.

  4. Hearing the probable events surrounding this photograph make it all the more poignant.

    I am always amazed at the photos you find in antique shops! When you look at photos before you buy, do you take a magnifying glass to see them better?

  5. A quick check-in to say thanks for the comments. I agree, the young handsome fella looks like he's on a stage. Very much like a stage setting.

    Before my new glasses I often bought photos that were a real surprise on getting them home. And after looking through hundreds at the antique store they all start to look blurry. Now with new glasses I see more and have become more picky...except for buys like the 3 dollar box.

    My usage level still hasn't dropped enough, but I'm hopeful. Oh the angst of staying away!

  6. Interesting photo..I enjoyed it. He is quite handsome:)