FLAT OUT and...

I will say nothing.

Margaret said nothing.

You're on your own here.

From, of course, the Three Buck Big Box of Photos.


  1. I am sure that is Kenny on the other side of the Lattice.
    Did someone take his fancy checkered shirt? Is he crying over the loss of the shirt?

  2. Or did Kenney shoot the photographer for posing him in front of the pattern and these are postmortem shots?

    One thing I did notice was that on the back of this fellow's right leg, above the knee, is something white. At first when I noticed it on one shot I thought it was a dust hickey, but then I saw it was on both. Evidence of a crime?

  3. YES. Kenny shot the photog. and left these shots on the camera before disappearing into a life of crime.

  4. Or the witness protection program because he's good at blending in.