KENNEY On His Birthday With a Puppy

One more shot of Gilbert, I mean Kenney. On the back Margaret wrote "Puppy & Kenney" which also shows it to be Kenney's 11th birthday. And we've still got that weird background with the shirt going on. Checks galore!

What I actually think of when I see this is the dog my grandparents had when I was very small. His name was Skippy and he looked a lot like Kenney's dog. I always thought he was the family dog. It wasn't until about 15 years ago my mother said, when we were discussing Skippy, that he actually belonged to the man down the street. Every day when he'd go to work Skippy would come to my grandparent's house and spend the day. Little guy had full run of the house and yard. Then apparently she'd tell him "Skippy, go home" and out the door he'd go and back to his rightful owner as he returned from work. I was stunned. "What? What? Skippy wasn't ours? He was just visiting?" All those years I thought Skippy was family, but he was just a moocher. I look at old photos of him in his harness sitting on my grandparents porch and I think "Oh Skippy, Skippy, you deceived me."

I'll get over it.

And, though I didn't mention it yesterday, both of these shots of Kenney are from the Three Buck Big Box of Photos that just keeps on giving, along with Margaret.


  1. That's a funny story about Skippy...oh the disillusionment of adulthood!

    I wonder if Margaret is as proud of that rose bush as she is of Kenney.

  2. Indeed, a rose bush to take pride in.

  3. That is such a neat story, even though your are disappointed. I knew a lady that sent her border collie next door every time she was gone. The dog just went out the door and ended up at the door ready for treats and being pampered. Great photo.

  4. Sorry about the dog..I shared a dog for one summer one time..It was bittersweet..sad for me and for the dog. It sounds like this arrangement worked well for your Grandparents!
    That was some 3 dollar box of photos!! I love all the checks..in the shirt and in the trellis..it is interesting:)