SMILE for the Birdie

Been gone. Vacation followed by mental dullness as I try to grasp the end of the vacation and what I've returned to. I am getting my brain cells sorted into useful piles. I'm finding some simply too ravaged to be of use anymore. I'm far more hopeful for others.

My vacation took me into the Sierra's. Came home nearly empty handed from searches through antique stores. Only two photos I found were worth buying.

This little girl easily fits into my collection of kids stuck up on stools and chairs. It's a category. I must collect. She was purchased at the old school in Graegle, California. The only other photo was also purchased at the same time.
If you go back through the past two years of posts I know you'll find other shots of children standing on chairs, The LITTLE DOLL being one. It's sort of odd to see children stuck up on chairs, but then photographers did not have the luxury of moving around easily when taking portraits. They had to get the child up, up, up so as to capture them from head to toe. Heaven knows they weren't David Hemmings in Blow Up moving all around while jazz played in the background. This was more like "Watch the birdie!"

This little thing is all decked out in I imagine her finest. This is a RPPC with nothing written on the back. One of those children that looks old before their time.


  1. This is wonderful! It looks as if her mommy cut down her winter coat to fit this child, but didn't size the collar accordingly! That's also a very good observation about placing small children on chairs--I hadn't thought of that. Makes sense.

  2. I'm also fascinated by the chairs the kids are put in. Most of the ones I have are studio shots, but I have one other I can think of that was taken outside like this one. I'm tellin' ya, it's a category. Kids standing on chairs.

  3. Now, if she were only eating a watermelon!

  4. Oh wouldn't that be grand! Little seeds all over her coat!

  5. I too am a big fan of old photos of children standing on chairs....can you imagine the confusion they must have had...never stand on furniture being the usual mantra of mothers, only to be told to stand on the chair for the photographer!
    Great blog you have here. I am enjoying it very much!

  6. Thanks VBR. And thanks of the perceptive insight. Of course they were told to not stand on the furniture. I hadn't thought of that. No wonder they almost always look confused.