Sittin' In the Weeds SMOKIN' SOME WEED

Now, was it the photographer's choice or the subject's choice to sit in the weeds? Was he being humorous or had he just smoked a little too much of whatever it is he's smokin'? We'll never know.

No information is given on the back so he'll always just be Weed Smokin' Guy.

Actually, I believe I could make this a category. People sitting in chairs in odd places. Photos that somehow just don't look quite right. Such as this one from the past, Odd Family Grouping. Or perhaps the category should be Stubborn Men in Chairs. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Another from Bert's fabulous collection.


  1. He may be smokin' some weed, but that's not the weed that he's sittin' in - and smokin'.

    LOL. Yup. It just plain doesn't look good, does it?

  2. He apparently thought any weed would do. I'm betting next he tried crabgrass.

  3. What a funny photo..made me giggle..yup he was smoking something alright..hope he didn't start that weed patch on fire:)