Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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I bet my bird is bigger than your bird!

To read more about this little lady riding a bird click here to a post I did on January 10, 2009.


  1. Lord! I always have had trouble riding horses (they never seem to go where i wanted 'em too!) I would imagine an ostrich would be even MORE willful 1Great Photo!

  2. Have I got a couple of pieces of paper for you!

    I purchased awhile back a piece of billhead from the Phoenix Broom and Brush Company. A rather plain piece of paper, actually. While looking for something else( That's the way it happens with Google and me) I found several photographs that were a perfect fit. One of them was of a young lady riding an ostrich, the other was of a gentleman right out of the Steampunk catalog, and a B & W rendering of an ostrich race.

    I'll get to them eventually.

  3. Notice the ostrich has a bag over it's head. Try to imagine the poor bird standing there waiting, wondering. Good thing Southern California came up with other amusement parks.

    Dave, can't wait to see what you do with this broom paper! Your work knocks me out.