I found this snapshot this weekend in an old box that belonged to my maternal Great Uncle Roy who died in 1958. In World War II he served in New Guinea in I believe the Seabees.

I don't know where this shot was taken of the massive parachute jump, but find it fascinating, even if it's blurred.

Click on image to see it larger.

I remember Roy's house more than I remember him. And I remember his funeral and the aftermath as family rummaged through his house taking things. My mother and father took very little. My mother told me the way the others were behaving was disgusting. The only thing I got was a small knife that I unfortunately lost a long time ago. The item I most coveted was the rattlesnake rattle nailed to the wall near the back door. I didn't get it because I never spoke up to say how much I wanted it.

Anyway, I have this small box of photos, few with Roy in any of the pictures. All and all a better deal than the rattlesnake tail.

To read about the Seebeas click here.


  1. I really like this picture and spent some time on the enlarged version. I want more detail, yet I love the blurry snapshot quality.

    Sorry you didn't get that rattle; I would have wanted that, too.

  2. This is an awesome photo! :)

  3. It is amazing, isn't it? When I first saw it I thought akk akk with a few parachutes. Then I looked closer and realized it was a mass jump. The photo is small and unfortunately pretty curled.

    And yes, that rattle has stayed in my mind. I can still see it nailed to the wall next to the door.

  4. Thanks for sharing these memories with us. My grand uncle was in WW2 and he never spoke of it, like many veterans. We were so proud of him, but it tortured him emotionally to have taken part. I think the more we learn about the war, the more we understand how shattered these men were when they came home. Many never recovered. I wish I had a memento of my grand uncle such as these photos. I do have memories and photos of him as an older man, but not even a photo of him in his uniform. Again, thanks for sharing.