CHRISTMAS JOY with Christmas Toys

This lovely little girl was found in the bottom of a box at an antique store. Who knows how long she had been there, smiling, waiting to be acknowledged. Who could resist her for only $1.00?

I'd say she dates back to the early 1940s, possibly late 30s. Leaded tinsel. Raise your hand if you remember it. Raise your hand if you have a box of it. Okay, my hand is raised. I'm looking around for the rest of you.

To see another image of a leaded tinsel Christmas tree check out this older post called "LEADED, not unleaded." You'll understand why I have a thing for the toxic leaded stuff.

And now the challenge I pass along to you. Can you name the four dolls this little angel has next to her? If you can let me know what you think.

And to see some past Christmas posts:

All of this brought to you for another wonderful Sepia Saturday.


  1. I never knew about leaded tinsel so I have learnt something today. This is a lovely photo - as for the dolls, the one in the front on the right maybe Dopey, one of the seven dwarfs, I certainly don't know the rest.

  2. Hmmm. Three out of four?

    Curious George, Doc, & Saucy Walker.

  3. My grandparents had a set of bubbler lights to go with the leaded tinsel - and yes, I remember my mom putting tinsel on the tree one strand at a time. I don't know who inherited the bubblers - not us. They were fascinating to watch - and magical.

    Thanks for bringing back those memories.

  4. She has such bright eyes! (She probably got everything she wanted for Christmas!)

    I remember heavy tinsel, not the fake stuff they use these days, but I don't know if it was lead or not. The stuff I remember I always thought was heavy aluminum. Hmmmm. There's no one in my family left to ask.

  5. Great found photo - Nostalgia can sometimes be painful!

  6. I remember the leaded tinsel---the dolls? I have no clue! Now if you had Raggedy Ann I could get at least one correct. Darling photo!

  7. Anonymous12/18/2010

    Is that Bo Peep to her right? She hides in the tinsel. My mom loves tinsel but my dad hates it, so no tinsel at our house.

  8. i remember neither the leaded tinsel nor the toys, but someone mentionned bubbler lights, and THAT, i remember. i loved those!! great find!!

  9. A great Christmas post. I must confess that I can't remember leaded tinsel - perhaps we didn't have it over here. As for the dolls, I have to confess that I am clueless. All the very best Christmas wishes from Alan

  10. I remember The tinsel...
    Little bo peep, Shirley Temple, one of the dwarfs from snow white and the monkey I don't know.

    Love the picture.....

  11. Thanks gang for all the guesses. They all sound good to me.

    And for those who never experienced the wonderful heaviness of leaded tinsel well, you should probably be glad. It broke easily. It knotted into clumps easily. But it did have a sort of waterfall effect. I really should drag the box out of the attic and just put a bunch of it in a bowl for Christmas memories. Someday someone will find it and toss it away instead of tossing it in a clump onto a tree.

  12. Oh, and the bubblers. I was always envious of friends who had those on the tree. Loved sitting and watching them.