When faced with a box full of photos of unknown people and events what is your eye drawn to? A hodgepodge of images, mostly of people just standing center frame staring at the photographer. Do you buy them or toss them back?

I look back on some of the things I have bought and think "What the heck?" My taste has become more refined over the years. I can't say what I buy would be a must have purchase for someone else.

Okay, it's a given that if someone is cutting a cake I'm grabbing it. It's a category. I must find more.

But how to explain this snapshot? The people are slightly blurred. The location is nothing special. So why not toss it back into the pile?

Because of the woman's smile. All of the rest of the weaknesses in the photo disappeared to me once I focused on the woman's smile. She is the story.

Is she looking at the gentleman with love or laughing at a joke?

If you're a collector I think you'll understand this. For each collector it's that certain "something" that draws us in, whether or not anyone else goes on the journey.

I never buy with the idea that any of it will be of monetary value. I am simply stepping into another world for a moment and frankly I could care less if anyone else follows. For this moment I am the eyes of the photographer. I stand in their shoes.

And that folks is my Sepia Saturday entry for the week.


  1. Methinks she's in love.

  2. I like the man's bowler and the handkerchief in his breast pocket. I wonder also whether he is carrying a camera.

  3. Before I saw your reason I thought, "The woman's face." This would be a great photo for a story starter. I think she thinks he's something special. Looks like he has a bit of a smile too. I'd pick up this photo.

  4. And a very beautiful entry it is too. I'm with you - old photos have their own magic, especially when they capture a lovely smile into the bargain.

  5. Oh, no - do you have comment moderation switched on, or didn't my comment work?!

  6. Jinksy, no fear. You're here.

    I agree I think the lady doth love the fella. Smitten.

    And I wonder what it is he's carrying. Especially the lumpy white thing. Going for a stroll with his camera, a lady, and a bag of glump.

    We know the third person was the photographer, but all we can do is speculate, male or female.

    Let your imaginations run wild.

    She reminded me a bit of Eleanor Roosevelt.

  7. Yes, Eleanor comes to mind. Her smile is gorgeous. So many vintage photos show dour looks, this is wonderfully animated because of the woman's smile.

  8. I'm not a collector of photographs but if I were I think I would want to have this photograph, too. For me it's her smile, but also her stance and his. Well, looking at it again, I think it's also the chemistry I sense between them. Thanks for sharing this treasure.

  9. Could he possibly be carrying her purse? No!
    If he was, that would explain the loving look.

  10. This is just lovely. And the very first thing I noticed, too, was her smile!

  11. I would have snatched it right up! I am sure all this old photo collecting is a sickness!
    I always enjoy what you have to share!
    Well..I think that the gentleman was holding her purse whilst she was having her photo taken and then the photographer took this one after she said "You look dashing holding a purse." :)

  12. I believe collectors are walking a fine line. The real world and the world of our obsession. So far, Far Side, I think we're holding it together.

    Glad you've all liked this photo. I almost didn't buy it because I hadn't really pulled it in close to see the details.

    And I'm sorry I'm not visiting all the other Sepia Saturday sites this weekend. Net access is low again.

    But thanks for all your comments.

  13. There is so much I like about this photo. The woman's expression is delightful but I also love their informal pose and the lane with the tall trees is another thing that really appeals to me. It's as if he has just come walking along and met her, that they are enjoying a moment or two together before he goes on his way.

  14. You all are making me very glad I spent my dollar on Friday and bought this.

  15. Yes She Appears Smitten! But He's Interesting too.....A Joker?And what's he holding?& why is the photo arranged to include the trees? A Lot of mystery here.Yes,A Worthy photograph indeed.

  16. me thinks he had just muttered something only for her to hear,
    thus making her laugh. hes posture suggest respect. i don't know if she loved him romantically, but i am pretty sure she bore him some affection, of one kind or another.
    great find!!