Time-traveling WILL FERRELL

With all the bad news each day, inside and outside the walls of my world, I'm looking for moments of pure silliness. I give you such a moment. There's no monetary value to this shot. It's not a work of art. What it is is another example of my time-traveling-celebrity theory. Once again a celebrity has been able to cross back in time and got caught doing it. We mere mortals have never been given the keys to this form of travel so until we are I think we need to call out examples when stars are caught. I give you Will Ferrell in drag, time-traveling-celebrity.

will ferrell in drag_tatteredandlost

I will now go back to my regularly scheduled daily program of work and angst.


  1. I sure wish I knew how you could get this to him. Dead on!

  2. Perhaps he'll be up late some night and decide to google himself and see what happens when he adds "in drag" and if this post hasn't slipped too far down the list past "BoaterTalk: She looks like Will Ferrell in drag" he'll be surprised to see himself staring back as a middle aged woman with a hair bun. Nah, probably not.

    But at least I now know there are at least 4 people alive who think this looks like him. Thanks!

  3. She's cowbellissimo!


  4. I wish I knew who she was because she was in my grandmother's photo album. As far as I know I could be related to her. She could be my great-grandmother, I just don't know. Hmmmm...if she's my great-grandmother and somehow she is related to Will Ferrell does that mean I should get a percentage point of "Blades of Glory"?

  5. I love it! Yes I can see him too...

    There are times I look into the mirror and see my father in drag :), and his great grandfather...

  6. ChefE, I know what you mean. I hear my mother's voice at times when I speak. At times I think she's moved in and there are two of us looking out throuh my eyes.