Grin and BEER IT

I passed over this photo a few times at the flea market. I'd look at it and laugh, but when I had a stack of photos and the price started to get more than what was in my change purse I'd always put this one back. Apparently nobody ever wanted it because I found it again.

I'd like to know the story behind this. Was there a sixth member of this drinking club taking the photo wearing one of these handmade shirts? Was it another guy and if so what did his shirt say? All of the woman are in identical "Fuller Tugs" shirts. The fellow on the left, I can't figure out what his shirt says. The one on the right "Grin and Beer It." Personally I've never understood people's obsession with beer, but for some it's ummmmmm...an all consuming interest.

Click on image to see it larger.

Whenever I look at this vernacular photo I'm reminded of this great old song by Roger Miller. Once I get it in my head it just keeps looping. It's sad he's gone. Take a listen and let it loop in your head over and over and...pour yourself a cool one. Here's to Miller time.

Addendum: Thanks to Robert at Live from the Surface of the Moon for filling me in as to what the fellow's shirt says: Everclear. I have been warned to stay away from this stuff. Advice taken...unless I need paint thinner.


  1. The fellow on the left? His shirt says Everclear, and it probably speaks well of you that you don't know what it is. It's a clear grain spirit that's so powerful it's illegal in some states.

  2. Wow, thanks! Now I'm thinking this Roger Miller song would have brought knowing nods from this crowd. Again, thanks for the info!

  3. Anonymous4/24/2009

    Makes me holler Hi-di ho,
    don't 'cha know?

    Here's to Uncle Roger


  4. I bet Everclear is kinda like Tennessee white lightening moonshine. We need to ask Robert how he knows about that sutff! Have a great week-end. Kim

  5. But then we'd have to ask how you know about Tennessee white lightenin'!

    Really enjoyed your posts from your Texas adventure, especially the party.