PRESENTATION is everything

When I was in high school I decided for my senior year I wanted to be on the yearbook staff. The summer between my junior and senior year I had to take a "class" at a local photography studio along with some other yearbook staff and one of the things we were taught was how to pose a group of people. I failed that part of the class because I didn't pose my classmates in the traditional tight pyramid fashion. I posed casual. I pretty much let them stand or sit as they wanted. It freaked out the "teacher" and he told me all the reasons why it was wrong. Every so often I come across the shots I took and I have to say I like them. The people look comfortable and real. 

So the reason I'm writing any of this is because of the photo below. Even I have to wonder what the photographer was thinking. This is perhaps one of the strangest groupings I've ever seen. I like it, but I'm not sure what the photographer was going for. There's a certain pyramid fashion but.... Perhaps this is actually how these people sat around in the living room which had to make conversation with grandpa difficult. I'd love to have been there when this was taken so I could fill in the oddly shaped pieces.

odd grouping_tatteredandlost


  1. THIS is HIL-arious!!! What is going on here? The young woman on the sofa looks as if she knows how weird it is. ;^)

  2. I'm glad someone else sees the humor in this. I remember when I bought it I showed it to a family member and he looked at it and say "yeah, uh huh, another one of your pointless photos." Then I said "Look at it! Look at how they're posed!" Then it struck him funny and he realized how strange it is. All these people jammed into the corner.

  3. Anonymous4/09/2009

    I don't think it was posed. I think the four of them are watching televison and grandpa needs to sit a little closer... to hear it better, of course. It sort of looks like he is sitting right in front of grandma.. but he isn't, he's off to the side of her line of vision.


  4. Anonymous4/09/2009

    P.S. that being said. It still is a really funny picture. and the young woman is enjoying how funny it will look as a photo.


  5. Perhaps this is a close knit family that had a few stitches dropped.