If it's this HOT NOW...

I know a friend in Colorado has several feet of snow around her home, but where I live it reached 100 degrees today. Too too hot for April. Miserable already with summer still to come. But...it's a dry heat. Or did I mean dry heave?

It would be nice to be sitting in a pool, but not in one of these suits. My best friend and I are convinced these are some sort of nightmare swimwear. She says "comedic swim team." She could be right. I try to imagine how dreadful this must have been on a hot day sopping wet. Completely insane. And then when you really look at it the one woman is wearing leather gloves and one fellow a bow tie. Don't get me started on the leather boots. A little too formal for my taste on a hot summer...uhhhh...spring day. Happy to experience this through vernacular photography and not through my own reality.

Then again, when I first found this photo I looked at the guys and thought chain gang. Stylish chain gang.

swimming was a drag_tatteredandlost
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  1. Anonymous4/20/2009

    The leather boots do throw me.
    those will have to be removed before they enter the water.


  2. And then they'll go squish squish squish all the way home. Can you just imagine these outfits wet? Those bloomers full of water like water balloons. Those hats droopy and smelly.