HIDING right in front of me

I love looking through my collection of vernacular photos. I always find something I'd forgotten about. This is an example of what I mean. 

What strikes me about this photo, and it only just did, is that this woman with the dogs looks so much like another photo I posted here months ago of a little girl with a dog. I'm 99.9% sure it's not the same woman because of where each of the photos were bought, but there's enough similarity to allow me to imagine they're the same. Funny how I never noticed it before. The woman looks like the girl. The dog on the right looks similar in both shots.

Now because these two photos are in my collection there is the chance that if everything gets jumbled together someone in the future might actually believe they are the same person. Of course, just by posting them together on the net they will be linked for as long as the files survive.

Click on either image to see them larger.

woman w.dogs_tatteredandlost



  1. Yes, I do believe they are the same person...and dog!

  2. They do look strikingly similar. I will need to dig out the photo of the woman because I know she was bought somewhere else. It could be possible they're the same or just a very odd age difference doppelgänger. The little girl was bought at an antique store. I think the woman came from an estate sale. It's all a mystery.