Chicks and ducks and geese...OH MY!

It is definitely spring and I believe it's going to be an early and very hot summer. So I'm thinking of summer and warm summer evenings and drives along country roads with the windows open in the car. 

For a moment I step back in time with this photo. It's a bit unusual in that the photo is glued directly to glass, it's on the back of the glass. On the back of the photo it's a bit of a mess with torn paper or possible tape. So this was mostly likely mounted onto something else, but I have no idea what it might have been. I've never seen anything like this. If anyone has any idea why this was manufactured this way please let me know.

It's a pleasant photograph that has a hand tinted look. Three colors besides the black. Green, very faint blue, and yellowish beige. The glass/photo measures 9" x 3.5". I have no idea where this is or when it was taken. It's all a lovely mystery. I'd love to be walking on this road under the shady branches perhaps heading to a Sunday afternoon picnic. Then again, maybe these people in the buggies won't let me pass. Maybe it's not a pleasant country road. Maybe danger lurks ahead. 

spring ride_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

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