But I just want to PLAY WITH MY TOYS

Fashion. When it gets in the way of comfort I hate it. I appreciate what fashion designers do, but I want it kept as far away from me as possible. I simply have no interest other than to look at it from a distance. I demand comfort. I had enough of the silliness as a child when my mother would dress me in itchy woolens or petticoats that itched and made my dress bounce up when I sat down. Of the constant feeling that a stain on something was going to cause grief. Or as an adult wearing shoes that had me tottering until my ankle turned. Which brings me to this child.

I love the photo, but I feel for that child. All she wanted to do was to go outside and play with her toys, but she had to be covered from head to toe. I remember my mom talking about the woolen stockings she had to wear in the 1920s. She hated them. Imagine this poor little thing bulked up with a tied on bonnet, dress with petticoat, woolen stockings, and boots. Just to go outside. She's cute as can be, but the physical restrictions the clothes caused had to be tiring. Kids really don't realize how easy they have it today. I didn't realize how easy I had it.

And I love collecting photos of children with toys. Simple practical toys. Toys that spark a child's imagination. Toys that last. Toys without any corporate marketing. Simple joy of good toys.

bonnet and wagon_tatteredandlost
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