I remember making Easter bonnets in school out of paper plates, construction paper, and ribbon. Oh I thought they were grand. 

The last time I actually had a new hat for Easter I was probably around 6 or 7. I'd have a new pretty pastel hat that clamped onto my head and hurt. They were always too tight. And a pretty little pastel dress with petticoats that itched. And weather permitting we'd walk to church, the brick church with the white steeple. And let's not forget the black patent shoes. Shiny shoes I could see myself in. 

For some, Easter is still a day to dress up and go out. For me it's all about the chocolate.

I have no idea why this woman had her picture taken in this bonnet and coat, but I've made her my Easter parade candidate. Did she have a sweetheart who cherished this real photo postcard, keeping it on his chest of drawers? Did he call on her weekly bringing flowers hoping to see her smile?

I do know one thing...is it me or does she seem to be swimming in that whole outfit? 
easter bonnet_tatteredandlost

Addendum: I had forgotten to mention that my best friend and I believe this is another example of "time traveling celebrities." Actress Allison Janney long before her portrayal of CJ on The West Wing.


  1. Your blog is outstanding!

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  2. Thank you.

    I've never been to Sandusky, Ohio but your site will certainly enrich me with history. Thank you.