SUMMER VACATION and more school

Continuing with the school photos. 

One summer my parents sent me to Bible School in Maryland. It didn't go over well with me. They never sent me back. We did not get a class photo taken, but I'm sure if we had I would have had one of the same expressions that the little girls below have. For me each day was torture. I didn't know the children and didn't want to be there. I'd patiently wait by the fence for my mother to come and get me. Years later she admitted they'd sent me so that she'd have a few hours in the day to get things done. Bible School was a babysitter with pictures of Jesus to color with crayolas. That's about all I remember. Oh, and it was hot. Maryland summer hot. I have no idea where this photo was taken.

Bible school_tattereandlost
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anywhere but here_tatteredandlost  
I do believe this is one of the finest examples of "if looks could kill."


  1. I recently went to my second grade teacher's 100th birthday party. A table outside the room was covered with years and years of her class photos like these. It was just great to see them all together on a table.

    Do we do that anymore, have photos made of the entire class together?

  2. That would have been so fun to see! And what a great Blurb book idea. They could have sold copies of the book to raise donations for something.

    I don't know if they take class photos anymore. My best friend is a retired teacher and all she ever sent me were individual shots. Seems a shame if they aren't doing the class shots anymore. I look at the few from my past and they make me smile and remember kids from long ago.

  3. My first experience with bible school was very similar to yours. The teacher called on me to pray aloud and I thought, "You've gotta be kidding me!" I just sat there with my eyes tightly closed for what seemed to be an eternity, until she called on someone else!