GONE FISHIN': Somebody had to do the work

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Have you ever witnessed gulls flying along the stern of a ship? I remember them on the trips to and from Hawaii. They were hoping something worthy would be tossed overboard. In the picture above we can pretty much be assured it was the fish entrails they were waiting for.

There used to be a seafood restaurant I went to that had a dock running alongside it. Fishermen would pull in and unload their catch which would be sold at the seafood market attached to the restaurant. The gulls would show up immediately, as would several seals. So you'd be sitting there eating your meal, an interesting boat would show up and you'd start discussing the name of the boat with your dinner companions, and then all hell would break loose. Buckets of offal would be dumped off the back of the boat into the bay. Oh my but it was a disgusting sight. It was disgusting, but authentic. Sadly the restaurant was torn down and replaced by one only the tourists could love. The dock is gone, as are the fishing boats. The boats now stay on the other side of the bay where the tourists rarely eat. It's all very clean and not the least bit offensive, which is the problem with the place. Now even the food is bland. Tourists come hoping to find a bit of the romance from a famous Hitchcock film, not knowing this is at least the third restaurant to stand in the location with the same name. I never saw the original, but I seriously miss the old one I do remember. And I wish the tourists would just go home.


  1. Someone has to cut bait. :) ...and if the fishermen are lucky, clean fish!

    I love the whirl of seagulls behind a boat. I took this photo https://www.flickr.com/photos/mousleyka/3549650062/ while fishing at Greenport myself!

    1. That's a wonderful shot! And I looked around at some of your other shots. Very nice and I'm missing the rich greens of the East coast.

  2. Like so many of your photo series, this one gets better and better. It's the original Gilligan and the Skipper too!