SNAIL MAIL can be the best surprise

On January 11th of this year I posted this photo as an example of another Time-Traveling-Celebrity. I don't think I'm the only one who thinks this dapper gentleman looks like actor Alan Cumming. The photo was available on ebay and when it sold to someone I hoped it had gone to a good home, someone who appreciated the fact that Alan Cumming had been caught in the past while researching a role or possibly just taking an unusual vacation. I think you might figure out where this is going.

To say the least I was dumbstruck when I opened my mail several weeks ago and found Alan looking up at me. Katherine from Photobooth Journal had bought him for me. I'm still stunned by it. It was such an incredibly kind thing to do and I've told her so several times. So again, thank you Katherine, you're a very special lady.

So Alan has been added to my Time-Traveling collection. It's so much fun to find someone sneaking around in the past thinking they'll get away with it. Being a celebrity has so many perks we lowly unknown will never experience. I'm at least happy that some of them have been caught.

And visit Katherine and enjoy her 41 year Photobooth Project. She has a wonderful collection from her own life and tons of fun images of all those lovely people from the past.


  1. This story gets better and better. But I don't think we can assume Alan Cumming went back to the past.
    Now I'm no expert on time travel, but I see no reason why he can't have traveled forward in time. In other words he could have used the photo booth to transport himself to our present day, or go into suspended animation for a few decades. In a way it is more plausible as fewer laws of physics have to be broken.

    1. That could be a possibility, though personally I have no desire to go into the future, though technically I know it's more likely possible. There are too many places in the past I'd like to experience, including some of my own childhood.