The final installment of the deconstruction of the FIRST CITY COMEDY TROUPE

…and finally…

Click on image to see it larger.

Now you can see why I bought this photograph. Do you know why? You have to be a regular reader to know the significance of this and how it fits one of my favorite categories.

Tomorrow the photo as a whole.

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  1. "Regina was right, this watermelon is the best I ever had," said Julie. "What did she mean by 'spiked melon'?"
    "I don't know," mumbled Lizzie as juice dripped from her chin. "But I'm going back for more."

  2. Perfect, Mike.

    As a new reader, I have no idea why this photo would be a clue. Do you have a 'I love eating watermelon' category? Oh wait... I just saw the ad for your book on the left... I guess you do. Looking forward to seeing your photograph in it's entirety.