The deconstruction of the FIRST CITY COMEDY TROUPE


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  1. What was that girl doing? thought Minnie. It was impressive but it didn't seem safe with all that flame and smoke. Suddenly her husband sneezed. Rose wondered what the camera saw.

    { I'm beginning to regret not making a list of characters. Let's just say some names were very popular and leave it for the editor to clean up. }

    1. Love this instalment of the story!

  2. Grace missed it when it happened. She had her eyes on the hot chocolate stand and the treat she had been promised. She didn't know why she had to wait, and could not understand all the fuss over a magician, it was just Mavis. Edith thought Mavis was a little out of control, but became transfixed, as Harold was Transmorgified, and secretly hoped she was free at last.