The deconstruction of the FIRST CITY COMEDY TROUPE!

I have a large photo, a group photo, that deserves some attention. Not just a one-off-here-you-go look. The people in this shot are grouped. They grouped themselves through their behavior. There are 38 people in this photo, but I will only feature a few each day. Thus it will take at least 16 days, if not more, for you to see everyone up close and personal.

They are characters worthy of stories. So please, create some stories to go with them and then see if what you came up with the first day fits in with the next day.

As far as the who, what, and where of this photo…nada. Well, there is a stamping on the back which says F. W. Swift. I'm assuming it belongs to the photographer, but I have so far not found any F. W. Swift who was a photographer from long ago. Any ideas?

When you see the final grouping you will discover why I bought this photo. It fits into one of my beloved categories.

So let the deconstruction begin!

Click on image to see it larger.

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  1. Anonymous6/06/2014

    Can't wait to see more!

  2. Lydia had never had marshmallows in hot chocolate before, but George insisted. Just as the first raindrops started to fall, her sister Gwendolyn took his hat to cover her head.

  3. No way. Mike's story is too good. I do have a classic Buckeroo photo of me and my cousin in the '40s I'll share with you.

    1. That sounds very promising. Looking forward to it.

    2. Anonymous6/08/2014

      Give it a go Ted. Yes, the marshmallows story is good!