There's a picture of PARIS HILTON IN HER ATTIC...

It's been some time since I posted any time-traveling-celebrities. Here's one that hasn't changed in nearly 100 years. Same pose, same coy look. I give you Paris Hilton on the beach, time-traveling-celebrity. Was she as annoying then as she is now? Did she ever have a purpose or has she sashayed through time doing the same ol' shtick. I'll let you decide.

Paris Hilton_time-traveling-celebrity_tatteredandlost 


  1. Well, atleast she is wearing some pants in this photo.

  2. Nice change for her, don't you think?

  3. Uncanny resemblance!! Maybe it's her great-grandmother?

    Loved your comment, "Without comments what's the point?" They truly are the spice that adds flavor to the mix. Thank you. :^)

  4. Willow, you know it's all just a huge black hole that's devouring everything that gets posted. The comments make it a bit less like an echo chamber. Love your blog.