Is it me or are SOME PEOPLE JUST NUTS?

Sorry, but I have no reference point for this. It's completely beyond me. After yesterday's sweet little Beetle Bug this looks like a bug cruncher. I've never understood why sane people would do this to a car. Okay, I think within that last statement I answered my own question. Whoever owned this must have swooned the first time they saw a Hummer. Cars like this scare me. No, wait...owners of cars like this scare me.

Really, unless you need to know the license plate, don't click to see it larger.

This photograph is not worth the paper it's printed on, but somewhere out there someone has fond memories of this thing. And so it now remains tattered and I certainly hope this car is long ago lost. A case of truly ugly vernacular photography. Into each life a little ugliness...may end up in your neighbors driveway.


  1. Anonymous8/05/2009

    I've enjoyed your blog for a long time; the pictures, etc.

    I've never heard you put a label on the picture in this way. While I don't think this is the car I'd want to have, I understand those who do.

    Comparing it with the little Beetle probably doesn't work for me because I had a Beetle, but I had a 'muscle car' too; and many sports cars, so it's all about what the person wants the car for 'at the time'..........

    It's a statement thing, and I think it's good to let people make their statement via their car, if they choose.

  2. I believe testosterone is involved. Oh, and very loud, bass heavy, music. And perhaps pot and Budweiser. A lifestyle choice, 'nuff said.

  3. Anon,

    I understand what you're saying, but a car like this is a problem fro me. Mind you I once owned a muscle car in the late 60s which fortunately was not jacked up. It was a beautiful and powerful car.

    For me the problem with this one is once the car has been jacked up it's become a safety hazard and I'm not interested in someone else's ego. The driver is more about "me, me, me" than simply getting from point A to B. Mind you I live in California. I know all about people tying their identity to a car.

    I made the comparison with the bug to show the extremes cars can take and how advertising manipulates. One a practical little car that kept it's style functional over the years. And that's the audience the classic ads were geared to. And then a big Detroit car that the original buyer had to turn into something not really road worthy, but the cars were also advertised with the idea of power. Two mind sets. One car for transportation. One car for expression.

    And it is an ugly photo. Sort of sad. This big jacked up car on a used car lot next to a fire hydrant, looking a bit neutered. I have to wonder why the photo was taken. Did someone else find the humor in it or were they the ones having to sell it and wanted a last shot to remember it?

  4. Maureen,

    Yup, I can feel the ground vibrating as I look in my rear view mirror and see the axles of the car instead of the driver. And then the smell of rubber as they show everyone that "they don't need no stinkin' stop light!"

    I can remember as a kid riding in my dad's car which was beautiful and powerful, as he always said, " A real goin' machine." He was a Naval aviator so this car was a bit ego. A crummy looking car with a homemade bad paint job pulled up alongside us at a stop light. On the side they'd painted the name of the car we were in. They made eye contact with my dad, he looked back, they all laughed, the light changed, the boys in the heap tore away, my dad pulled away slowly, and then he put the pedal to the metal and you can guess the rest. When I was in high school the car became mine and though I did some foolish things with it I had enough sense to know the power was to be used when you needed it, not when you wanted it.

  5. Having lived in California; Nevada, and Arizona, this photo reminds me of the small used car lots I often see in the desert towns.

    I know a lot of cars like this are used for bounding around the dunes; in fact, they have car clubs that come to our area with cars that look just like this. They charge for the event; it's all about beer, hot dogs, and 'noise'.

    Still as one who loves to take my sports car out for a spin, I know the joy of the drive; the wind - the music on the CD player, and the feeling of moving along at great speed across the highways of this country (USA).

    They have those huge trucks with enormous wheels on them, that compete near a casino where I live; now those are some monsters indeed!

    All I can think of is the gas they guzzle.....

  6. Happy In Nevada,

    Yup, music and a car. They often go together. Certain tunes and I'm driving along Big Sur in the sunshine. Other tunes and I'm out and about in Los Angeles after dark. Other tunes and I'm crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. And then at times I just want to throw a whole bunch of CDs in the car and just drive with no destination in mind. Yup. Good times. Good times. Except when a monster truck pulls in front of me with the naked women mud flaps throwing their weekend collection of gravel and mud onto my windshield.

    I had no idea anyone would drive a jacked up Ford or whatever that car is out in the desert. I see them on the streets, though not much anymore. I would think they'd be useless off road even with the higher suspension. Thanks for the odd information.