This is AS FAR AS I GO

It took me a long time to be able to do handstands and cartwheels. Then I had this brief period where I could do them easily and now the fear of breaking something makes me not even ponder the thought. You get to a certain age and the ground just looks too far away with too many consequences.

This photo was taken at Venice Beach, California so don't get it confused with THE Venice. Nope, this is the famous little town on the western edge of Los Angeles. You can read about Venice here. The Venice in this photo and the Venice of today have little resemblance other than people still go there to do whacky things and be photographed.

Venice Beach 1919_tatteredandlost
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I imagine doing tumbling of any sort in these suits was a challenge, especially if they were wet. But then you don't ever really see people swimming in these things. Wading seems to be the most they ever did. Go to the beach and wade. Take a picnic and wade. 

"Don't go in the water at least an hour after eating. Okay, half-an-hour. Alright, 15 minutes. Wait 15 minutes or you might get a cramp and drown." Where did that ever come from? Do people still say it to their kids? How many of us managed to go in before the hour and are still here to see another day? Raise your hands if you survived swimming on a full stomach. Thank you.


  1. I survived. Ate and swam. Someone said to me once "you wouldn't eat a meal and go running would you?" same thing.

  2. Well that makes two of us who were willing to live out there on the edge!

  3. They did scare the bejesus out of us telling us not to swim for an hour after eating. Good grief.

    Where DO you get these pics? This one is amazing.

  4. This photo is actually out of the album of two fellows who travelled across country back in 1914. I've posted a variety of shots from that album including all of the baseball ones back in June and the photo and journal pages from the post on March 21. In fact, the banner shot is from this album. All tiny pictures that sometimes I don't even really notice when I'm thumbing through. And then suddenly one of them strikes me and I blow it up and whoa, a whole other world.

  5. Oh, and this album was bought at an estate sale. I got to the sale late figuring there wouldn't be anything left of interest. I was stunned to find this album on the coffee table. I zeroed in on it and grabbed it. It wasn't until I got home that I realized some of the rough diamonds inside.