HANS IN BERLIN October 10, 1927

I love this photo. It's very small, but was obviously taken with a very good lens. The size shown here is at 400% of the original size so you can see that the clarity of the shot would allow it to be enlarged even more. It was purchased at a flea market along with a few other photos taken around the same time period in Germany.


I'm not positive of the message because of the handwriting, but I believe it says "My loving Aunt Lena and Uncle ??? from your nephew Hans." He fascinates me. He looks like a character from a movie. If he was around 20 when this shot was taken he would have been in his 30s during the war. Can't help but wonder what became of him. Where he placed his hearts allegiance. 


The pose is interesting. Almost looks as if he's walking towards the camera, but the feet make me think he's leaning against the tree. But it's not a casual comfortable letting-yourself-go leaning. There's a stiffness to it. He wants it to be just right. Almost as if posed as a model. A very serious and dapper young man. What mystery played out over the next 20 years and was he alive to see it?


  1. Very dapper young man.

    Have you tried doing an internet search of the name?

  2. I don't think I'd get very far without a last name. Just the dachshunds alone named Hans would probably fill up a book. He'll just have to remain a mystery. He looks a bit movie starrish.

  3. Yes, divine. I bet he heard that a lot. "Oh dearest, you're so divine."

    And it's such a tiny easily lost photo. But he just glows.