What did you do THIS WEEKEND?

"So what did you do this weekend?

"Oh you know, just hung around at the beach."

hanging around_tatteredandlost


  1. I love old photo corners. It reminds me of my mother's old album.

  2. I do too. They add a nice frame to photos. I always enjoy finding old albums with the corners. Some of the really old albums have these rather strange gold ones that unfortunately have completely stuck to the photos.

  3. I looked at the picture and thought, "Those corners are perfect!" Then I saw the comments. Great minds, etc......

  4. Yup, we're all on the same page.

    It's a lovely little album put together by a man who was an officer in the Coast Guard and went on a pretty important mission to Alaska back in the 30s. There are only a few Alaskan photos in this book. I'm still kicking myself for not buying the album that was nothing but Alaska and Native People. It was out of my price range. But it too was done nicely with corners on most pages.

  5. I posted a pic of my grandmother in one of these old cotton suimsuits in the '30s. I should dust it off and post it again!


  6. You know, so many shots I've seen the women look sexier in these things than the dental floss today. I have a shot of a lovely woman who looks like Harlow in a suit very much like your grandmother's. Plus they just look so much more dignified. Now we're stuck with girls gone wild and stupid.