The one that DIDN'T GET AWAY

"I'm a tellin' ya Jake, it was a big one. Could a swallowed me whole."

"Yeah, sure Pete. Pull my other leg."

"I'm not kiddin'. I fought it for over an hour, nearly pulled me into the old Muddy."

"Whatever you say Pete."

"Dang nabbit! I've got that photograph around here somewheres. You just wait. You gonna be eaten them words."

"Well, while you're up would you get me another beer?"

"No I won't get you no beer! I want you sober when you see this photo of me with that...dang nabbit, where'd I put them photos? Mabel, you seen my photos of the fish?"

"What fish Pete?"

"You know exactly what fish I'm talkin' bout."

"Oh, ummmmm...aren't they in your drawer?"

"No they ain't in my drawer."

"Well, then I don't know. I really don't. That's the last place I saw them."

"I swear to you Jake, there's a picture of me with that fish. Huge thing."

"Uh huh."

"Here's your beer."

"Thanks. What's for dinner tonight?"

"What do you think?"

fish story_tatteredandlost


  1. If that's a tarpon, and I think it is, he swam a long way to you in California. They're usually found around the Atlantic. That fellow looks tired from landing it. Unfortunately for him, they can't be eaten.

  2. Whoa, he can't even eat it? What do you do with something that big?

    And no, this photo came from my best friend whose family is from Tennessee so it's not a California shot.

    Thanks for the information!

  3. I have tried to leave a post on your previous post, I was really tired so I don't know if I even pushed enough buttons.

    This picture reminded me so much of a fishing trip with my dad. We call these fish Carp, but I think the true name is as Robert said. My dad had a friend who didn't want to see anything edible (or not) go to waste so he "smoked" the giant carp and ate it.

    Supposedly, the only reason no one eats them is because of the billion and a half bones...but my dad's friend would literally eat anything. I'll have to write about him one day.

  4. Eloh,

    Thanks for the information. I hate fish with too many bones. Frightened of fish bones since childhood. Give me a salmon with a big bone that's easy to spot. That's as far as I go.

    Don't know why the commenting was not working for the graveyard post. If you figure out anything else from the photo you can go ahead and email me direct and I can post it.