Never judge a book by its cover nor a blog post by its title.  

Don't be alarmed. I didn't have a private meeting with the devil today hoping to exchange my pathetic soul for wealth. No, I just walked barefoot out my door onto the sizzling hot pavement and soon looked like a drop of water in a cast iron frying pan full of hot oil. I was hoppin' and a poppin', huntin' for somewhere to sooth my poor feet. I found relief on the lawn beneath the shade of an apple tree. Ahhhhhhhhhh. The cool of the green blades between my parched tootsies. Brought back memories of childhood and the giggling fun of running through the lawn sprinkler. 

I can remember begging my mom to turn the sprinkler on so I could play. Darting in and out, giggling, spinning in the spray. Of course my dad used to like to suddenly turn it off just to see the expression on my face and then BAM! he'd turn it back on to my shock and delight.

These little girls aren't wet enough to have been playing in the water. Either they just stopped by for a drink of dirty hose water or they're just getting started. I've never seen a watering can this large nor have I ever seen a sprinkler system like this. Seems pretty practical. Too bad they don't sell them now. Then again, maybe they do. 

summer sprinkler_tatteredandlost

Don't believe I've ever gone looking for a sprinkler in a hardware store. I did once go looking for a watering can and was dismayed to find most were made out of plastic. There was a metal one with a very long spout made in France. It was too ooooh la la for me at the price they were asking. I eventually did find a nice old fashioned metal one which over the years has aged with a nice patina. Nothing better than an old watering can with a nice patina, is there? What? Did someone say chocolate? Chocolate is better than a watering can with a nice patina? Yeah. Chocolate is better than just about anything. Except for chocolate on hot pavement. I'm just sayin'.


  1. Very cute. I have an old watering can tilted on an angle pouring water into an old galvanized metal laundry tub as my water feature on my deck. After seeing this photo I may see if my sprinkler head will fit on the end like this one.

  2. That sounds really nice. I bet the sound is soothing.

    If I tried to put a hose through the spout of my watering can the poor thing would just roll over and put all four in the air. They don't make 'em like they used to. Flimsy metal. Nice patina, but flimsy metal.