"Your honor, we submit into evidence Exhibit A. The jury will plainly see that this is a photo of the town doctor, Doc Jenkins, taken on the morning of April 6th 1953 doing what he did every single morning...tapping the handle of the town water pump. Doc Jenkins was a beloved member of this town and we all accepted that each day he tapped the pump then ran across the street and licked the barber pole. Not one of you here didn't think kindly of Doc Jenkins...except Mitch the Barber. Mitch the Barber who has held a grudge against Doc Jenkins since 1937 when the doc treated Mitch for an unfortunate boil."

Who really knows what this vernacular photograph is about. I haven't a clue.

Mount Pilot water pump_tatteredandlost
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  1. Anonymous7/30/2009

    It was a drowning case.
    Doc Jenkins did an autopsy.
    Here he is explaining about the danger of the town pump.
    Exhibit A.

    My great grand father, at 101, fell off his horse while coming home from a party drunk. He drown in a trickle of water.

  2. That's got to be it. Doc was trying in his simple way to explain the murder. Now the mystery is who took the photo of Doc? Stay tuned.