I'll admit my view of the world has been tainted by movies. Those are the images of romance I keep stored away in the filing cabinet I call my brain. There are certain movies the logical side of me says are silly, but I fall for them each time. Wishful thinking even if reality would never match what I see on the screen. It's all just storytelling, it doesn't have to be real.

Apparently one of the people in this photo felt the same. Night out on the town in Rome sometime in the late 50s to mid-60s. Most likely a tour group that had an arranged night to see the Trevi Fountain after dark. Me thinks the caption is a bit off. I don't believe Ernie is the one on the far right. Okay, maybe I'm wrong. This is the fountain that starred in Three Coins in the Fountain AND La Dolce Vita so maybe the fellow is named Dottie. Who am I to question what I see written before me.

Trevi Fountain_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

So I sit here working on a book in French I can't read dreaming about being in Italy. Not sure if I'd rather be in the movie Three Coins in the Fountain or La Dolce Vita so I'll post a clip from each. Whichever mood I fancy from moment to moment. Makes sense to me. It's one of those days when only my mind can leave my reality.


  1. A man named Dottie. Anything's possible. Maybe it's like a boy named Sue.

  2. What happens in Rome stays in Rome.