Dorothy and THE TIN MAN?

This is Dorothy and Fred. That's what it says on the back. They're Dorothy and Fred. At first I thought maybe she was Rebecca of Stoneybrook Farm in that big hat. Then I thought, no she really is a Dorothy and Fred is the Tin Man. A cross-dressing Tin Man. It's possible. Times have changed. I'm open to that. 

Fred was a good fellow with a good sense of humor...I hope. I  hope this wasn't a photo relatives trotted out to embarrass him in front of friends and family...or worse yet the young ladies he courted. Poor Fred, dying of embarrassment when his mother rushed to get the photo album to show his sweetheart his childhood photos hoping she'd get to know the family better. 

I hope things worked out for Fred.

Dorothy and Fred_tatteredandlost


  1. I'm guessing they switched at least their hats, is that dress too big to be hers?

  2. I think she's probably wearing her own hat because I have photos of little girls wearing those in the same time period. And I think he's wearing his mom's apron. It's way too short for a dress. It was an apron. His hat? I'm guessing it was his.But I can't figure out what that thing is hanging from his ear. It doesn't seem to be attached to the hat.

  3. Anonymous7/18/2009

    Halloween down on the farm?

    Fred does have a Ray Bolger look.

  4. That's what I thought. Channeling a bit of Bolger. I can see this boy dancing. No problem.