Which came first...THE CHICKEN OR THE PIG?

So you're a happy farm family and you've just harvested some melons. You decide to have a photo taken while you have your impromptu feast. So which shows up first? The chickens or the pig? Or did they purposely go to where the pig was knowing it would eat the rind left behind? Were the chickens eating the seeds that were being unceremoniously spit in all directions? 

eating with the pig
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I can say that this was a family that liked melons. Really enjoyed their melons, because I have other photos of them with melons...but no pig. This is the only one with the pig. It's a nice pig. I don't want to think about what happened to the nice pig. For awhile the pig enjoyed melon...and then not so much. Same with the chickens. 

So I add this to my collection. 

Category: pig eating melon vernacular photograph or 

child shoving fork in mouth vernacular photograph or 

farm hand forced to eat at back end of pig vernacular photograph. 

You be the judge. It's a category now. I  must find more.


  1. I read a story about those huge pigs escaping, running wild and growing into two thousand pound wild animals, like giant bacon dinosaurs rooting through garbage. So I vote for the pig. And am glad I'm a vegetarian.
    Jim, Dull Tool Dim Bulb

  2. Lets hear it for the pig! I'd like to think they kept it as a pet. There were other pictures of the pig, but it broke my heart to think of it as bacon on the hoof so I just couldn't buy them. At least at this moment the pig was happy.

  3. I have a vintage family pic with a huge pig! (you probably remember it)


    But this one is so funny. "Hey, everybody, let's go out and eat watermelon with the pig!" :D

  4. Willow, I remember that pig. Your relative standing next to a very handsome pig. When I saw this family shot with the pig I thought of yours. Your shot was very formal. A portrait of a man with his pig. This one is just a little crazy.

  5. Anonymous7/29/2009

    Willow beat me to the best line.
    "...let's go eat watermelon with the pig."
    So I will paraphrase someone else.
    "Damn fine pig."

  6. I am adding "pig-eating melon" to my list of swear words. I like your blog very much!

  7. Rosie, I love it! What a great way to let off steam and tick off those that don't understand.

    Glad you like the blog. Feel free to join the club anytime.

    Oh and I see your Scot! That's especially good. On my father's side thats what runs through my blood.

  8. I came from 'your other place'. I'm glad that I did. Like you, I like searching for various treasures to be had amongst the flotsam and jetsam. The day I discovered my in-laws had a shoebox full of NEGATIVES, I thought I'd died and gone to the dark room in the sky.

    A lot of plain, and some real fancy. Both sides of my wife's family were from homesteading families, and for some odd reason, they took photographs and had very few photos to show for it. They must have been short of cash for developing. At any rate, I found one of what looked to me like a huge hog with my MIL perched on it, however I didn't know it was her until I asked. I did graphite paintings of the ones that I liked, and recently had a chance to put this one on a piece of old paper: http://oldpaperart.blogspot.com/2009/05/piggyback-ride.html

    Neat find with the MelonEaters...

  9. Oh, my, goodness! These are just too good...makes me have to get out my old family pictures, but I'd be hard-pressed to come up with an equal.

    Thanks for putting these out there...

  10. Hey, tell your friends, tell you family. Odd photos can be found here.

    I don't get many pig photos. In fact, this might be the only one in my collection. But I am looking for more, especially eating watermelon. It's a category. I must find more.

  11. Okay, I told everybody I know--okay, well, mostly only the few people who look at my blog--that Odd photos can be found here!

    ...and not only that, but witty remarks! :)