POLAROID memories

The title of this post is almost deceptive because I really don't have many memories of Polaroid cameras. There are two of them in this house, one belonged to my grandparents, the other to my mother. My grandmother used to send us photos of her dog. And I have two photos that were taken at the Sear's store when they bought the camera. It's obvious that the clerk was giving them a spiel and then took the shots. Neither of them are smiling. In fact, they look less than pleased, but hey...my grandfather bought the camera. 

I never had much luck with Polaroids. The photos just didn't have the clarity I wanted. I do now wish I'd played with them more. Now that Polaroid no longer makes film it's a bit late to be crying about it. Perhaps if I'd read all of the tech stuff on this pamphlet my photos would have looked like something more than people inside Vaseline jars.

I don't know what year this pamphlet is from, but it's most likely the 60s. It's possible it was in the camera bag when we brought the camera west after my grandparents died. Then again, maybe it was in a box of film my folks bought to try out the camera. I have no idea. But to those with fond memories of Polaroid this is for you.

Polaroid pamphlet_cover_tatteredandlost

Polaroid pamphlet_pg 2-3_tatteredandlost

Polaroid pamphlet_pg4-5_tatteredandlost

Polaroid pamphlet_pg 6-7_tatteredandlost
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Oh, and the little old lady in the left column who has been there purposely for months...Polaroid.


  1. I had a Polaroid camera with our first baby. It was fun to have the instant pictures.

  2. Did the prints last?

    I so rarely find Polaroids when I'm out perusing for stuff. When I see them I grab them, but they're hard to find.