KIBITZING over a cone

It's 104 degrees outside and the idea of walking into a nice cool ice cream parlor seems very appealing. Can't you just hear the whirring of the ceiling fan? Wonder what these two were talking about? A little town gossip? Is the one behind the counter saying "No, really you don't want the strawberry, believe me. Stick with the chocolate. It came in fresh this morning. The strawberry (looking from side to side) last Friday."

Arden Ice Cream_tatteredandlost
Click on image to see it larger.

I don't know what year is on the calendar. Not sure I can even pull that in in a really good scan. I'm guessing early to mid-50s. 

Oh, the thought of those seamed stockings on a hot day. No way. NO WAY! 

And my big question is when are scientists going to finally tell us we need a cone a day. Okay, I'm really grateful that I lived long enough to have chocolate declared healthy, but come on. Let's hear it for ice cream. A cone a day. That's all I'm asking.


  1. I'm thinking late 40', unless it's a late 60's beatniky hippie in a vintage outfit. There's a calendar on both walls, can you blow it up?

  2. Calendar is just a bit too blurred even with a hi res scan at 500%. But from the blurriness and the information given that is clear I determined it's 1955. That looks about right for the clothing and whole fell of the place.