Pick a category and then COLLECT THE HECK OUT OF IT

Some vernacular photography enthusiasts collect within rigid categories. Perhaps they only collect photographs with a looming shadow in the foreground. Or maybe only photos of children with dolls. I collect them all and I do keep them in mental categories. I've said before I'm a sucker for shots of people cutting cakes. I also like children with toys. And I do collect the looming shadow shots. 

Another category is people on horseback. I have a few. I realized I had to set up certain parameters so now the horses have to be alive...or plastic. I won't buy shots of people on dead stuffed horses. I have my reasons. They're private. And yes, I've walked away from some nice shots of a woman on a rearing horse when I realized the horse was not changing from shot to shot and it didn't have a shine to its surface.

Now...I think I've come across a whole subcategory. And I have the first for my collection. Henceforth this will be known as:

I. People on horses
   A. subcategory: women on horses
        1. sub-subcategory: women on horses in front of screen doors
            a. sub-sub-subcategory: women on horses in front of screen doors with kids looking out

I'm going to keep my eyes open and hopefully will add to this collection soon.

LV ranch horse_tatteredandlosts
Click on image to see it larger.

Next post: people with pigs and melons


  1. Anonymous7/25/2009

    Nice horse and hidden child shot.
    BUT 'People, pigs and Melons!'
    On MY!

  2. Oh yes. New subcategory: barnyard animals eating

  3. This is a great pic. She looks like she's wearing some kind of uniform, doesn't it? I like the old ringer washer there, in front, too.

  4. It does look a bit like a uniform. The Royal Mounted Ladies Auxiliary of the Saturday Wash Cycle?

    That washer is really something! I remember my grandmother having something similar. Not pining for those good ol' days.

  5. Anonymous7/26/2009

    Maybe she is an award winning horse woman on her way to a competition.
    Or ready to parade.

    or she is ready to patrol the area around the doubledee.

  6. Just arrived in town to perform rope tricks in the street between the Lady's Temperance Society and the DoubleDee. Except she forgot her rope.