Home Decorating 101:  Always have something in your room that makes people say, "Whoa, the _____ really pulls the room together." Now, this could be a rug if you are planning an homage to the Dude, or, as in this case, a wallpaper that you got really really cheap.

Make sure to get something that makes a statement before visitors even have a chance to make a statement. It will be a focal point in your room where for years to come family and friends will want their photo taken.

Click on image to see it larger.

It will also confuse drunks who end up having a very hard time telling anyone where they were.
"Honestly officer, there were like huge prickly leaves and horses everywhere. Oh, yeah, and there was an angel watching me alllllllllllll night, bless her little heart."


  1. LOL. Love the couch/sofa/whatever. The blanket is the Horse's ***. Over-sized saddle blanket?

  2. Goodness. Wallpaper to make you feel drunk even when you aren't! You could start something big with that... room decor that makes ya feel high...

  3. I do think it should at least come with a warning that it may cause hallucinations or slight craving for Cheetos.

  4. Felix0912/03/2012

    I had a somewhat similar blanket on my bed when I was a kid in the 1950s -- and I also then had [and still have] one of those Guardian Angel lithographs. The Guardian Angel image in this snapshot doesn't look good with the wallpaper but, nevertheless, I really like that wallpaper! A childhood friend's house had something similar. Nowadays, the modern decorating style has living rooms seeming barren and cold, like sterile operating rooms, with bare walls, undressed windows, minimal furniture and no keepsakes or momentoes to give the rooms personality.