SHARI with Nancy Kimberly in 1950

Did you play dress-up as a kid? Did you have a bunch of old clothes that belonged to your mom or dad that were now yours to do with as you wished? I do remember have some purses and hats when I was very little.

Perhaps some of you will also remember the following items: plastic high heels, fur stole, pop beads. I had a pair of kids size plastic high heels that were held on with a strip of black elastic. The shoes came with a gray and white faux fur stole. You might not believe this, but I still have the stole. I don't know where, but I do remember I have it. I think the set also came with pop-beads. I still have some of those too. The heels? Long gone. Even if they fit I wouldn't wear them. It's been decades since I wore high heels. I always hated them and finally decided my feet were more important than fashion.

On the back of this photo it says that this is "Shari with Nancy Kimberly around 1950." Shari is on the right. These little girls are classics!

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  1. Love these girls!
    My early childhood years seem to have coincided with the demise of those mink (or fox?) stoles with the head and tail. They had fallen out of fashion with adult women and were thus relegated to toy boxes for dress-up. It seemed as if everybody had one of these in their toy box.

    1. I can only wish those stoles weren't still being worn. I used to pet my mothers and stare into its glass eyes. It freaked me out and I felt sorry for it.