Teachers at the GRAND CANYON

As a kid I thought it was pretty cool that teachers got a three month summer vacation the way the students did. I can remember going on vacation and finding groups of women traveling together; generally they were teachers.

Here, from the Ten Buck Box, we have Gertrude Bowen on vacation at the Grand Canyon with friends in the late 1940s. Were they all schoolteachers? Most likely.

I think at some point everyone should go on a road trip with friends. I've been on many, but the most memorable was a five week road trip through Europe with two friends in a candy colored Opal. Oh sure, by the end of the trip two of us wanted to kill the third person, but I still have great memories of just being in the car driving and laughing. I'm hoping Gertrude and her friends had as much fun.

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  1. these are fab!!
    and you got these in a box for $10???
    especially the colored one, i almost expect "technicolor" to appear as the sponsor...

    those extended vacations amongst friends/colleagues have been the downfall of certain friendships i knew. not personally, but to close friends of mine. some folks travel better than others. meanwhile, i'd expect i'd be the one with the head on the chopping block, as i tend to be fussy about my own comfort...
    i travel alone!! wise move, i daresay...

  2. Next Week, A Photo Of The Killing...???:)

  3. Tony, unfortunately that's probably one of the moldy ones that got thrown away. Alas, Miss Marple will find no clues.