THE PARTY was just getting started

Another vintage snapshot from the Ten Buck Box.

I believe the fellow standing at the fence may be Gertrude's son, Arthur Bowen. As I've mentioned in a previous post he was in the military stationed in Germany following the war. At some point I believe he became a civilian contractor of some sort for the US government, still in Germany.

Perhaps this shot was taken on a military reservation in government housing. I really have no idea where it was taken; no information is provided on the verso of the image.

It appears these folks are getting ready for a party. It looks like there are several containers full of cold beer against the fence. The lady and the gent, probably the mixologists for the evening, might be studying a "cookbook" which means it probably got more interesting as the evening wore on.

The band consists of drums, fiddle, and guitar. The fellow shading his eyes is holding something, but I don't know what it is. Perhaps a flute?

So what do you think was their speciality? Bluegrass? Swing? Bach concerto? Bloody Mary's?

Let's hope a good time was had by all, including the neighbors who were hopefully invited.


  1. Luckily someone thought to get a photograph before the party got started.

  2. Bluegrass? But,whatever, I bet They sounded good.They Look To Be Having Some Fun!

  3. It does look like a flute, but I don't think it is in Germany. The giant box hanging on the house to the left looks like an air conditioner and there might be a smaller one behind the band? Germany didn't have air conditioning whenever this was taken. The dirt under the band's improvised stage, and the little tree along the fence suggest somewhere hot and arid. I'd guess out west - AZ or CA.