The lady, the baby, and the WICKER CHAIR

I had a wicker chair very similar to this when I was a child. Mine had a tighter weave and was a rocking chair. This too may be a rocker.

The chair had been my dad's chair, then his brother's, then mine. Eventually it got passed along to my cousins who...let's just say the chair never looked as nice anymore and it no longer rocks.

I occasionally see similar chairs at antique stores and those old complex memories come back bathing me in a smile.

My mother always said that if she saw me sitting in the chair for too long it was time to get out the thermometer. I do remember sitting in my room rocking back and forth "reading" my books and listening to my Golden Records.

Speaking of Golden Records, there's a fun site worth visiting called Little Golden Records. This week Rockin' Jeff is featuring The Ballad of Davy Crockett. If you're of a certain age this will give you pause.

As to this real photo post card all I can say is I'm a bit confused.

Click on image to see it larger.

I can tell by the last name "Rich" that this woman and child were related to Gertrude Bowen since her maiden name was Rich. Other than that I'm simply confused.
"This is Frances Rich with Frances Rich."
Why do people do this? Why make life anymore confusing than it is?

This RPPC is from the Ten Buck Box.


  1. A fine card indeed. I too have a wicker chair which has been handed down. It doesn't rock - but there again neither do I these days.

  2. Good point Alan, good point.

    I don't rock much either, just creak.

  3. It’a lovely picture though with both the Franceses looking straight at the camera. Great comment by Alan!