Another badly damaged photo from the henceforth known as "Ten Buck Box." I actually like the damage to this image. She's not a particularly interesting woman, but because of the aging she takes on a rather ghostly quality. I believe an entire ghost story could be written about this image.

I find nothing about a photographer in McGregor, Iowa. There was obviously more information on the back, but it too is now just a ghostly representation of what once was. The handwriting does not clearly indicate anything. I see an "87" near the upper right which could indicate the date of the image, but we'll never know.

How strange this woman would find that well over 100 years after this portrait was taken it would be shared with the world and not just her close-knit family and friends. Who she was and the life she led would be now so inconsequential.


  1. Yes she is very ghostly indeed. But that piercing eye seems to stare straight into your soul.

  2. 87 looks right, fabulous image

  3. Excellent find and a fine rescue.