Mother and Son PENNY PHOTO

This is another image from the Ten Buck Box. It was covered in mold, the image barely visible. I don't have much hope for it so I decided I'd better scan it now.

Click on image to see it larger.

This is a "penny photo" strip, an early precursor to the photobooth we are more familiar with. Every so often I find one of these horizontal strips. Usually I find just a single shot cut from a strip.

No information as to who this young boy and woman are. It could be mother and son or brother and sister. The back of the image supplies no information other than it was taken at a studio in Iowa.

I am fascinated how much the woman looks like a Kennedy, especially in the center shot. I can almost hear the Boston accent as she coaxes the boy to stay close.


  1. Mother and son, middle photo gets my vote

  2. The minute I saw this I thought they looked Irish!

  3. Jacolette, indeed. In this country you can't get more Irish than a Kennedy.