The STRANGEST...Part 11: JUANITA Being Taken For a Ride

Two Ponies of Bill's
Mother, Bill, Juanita, & Charles Taken Feb. 5, 1950
Mother's Home
Louisville Road

This caption appears in the middle of a page of photos of Juanita on a horse and a pony.

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And the next year Charles is in love with Hattie L. Smith. No photos of Hattie are available.


  1. I wonder whose album this was - Juanita's or Bill's or someone else's. It's so very strange.... Interesting - but strange.

  2. The album belonged to Charles. His name and address are written on the inside cover.

  3. You are lucky to find an album with notations. I seldom find any like that. I usually end up just naming the main character in a set which ties them together.

    I do find one here and there with a name but never a whole album of them.

  4. That's usually what I get too. This one is strange on a lot of levels. Wonderfully strange.