Okay, so it's not really a funny hat, but that was the first thought I had when I saw the photo. There needs to be a weekly Funny Hat Monday holiday. I want to see people all across the country heading out of their homes on their way back to boring work wearing funny hats.
"Hi Fred."
"Hi Sam."
"Funny hat."
"Yeah, you too."
"See ya."
"Yeah, see ya."
I don't think it will catch on. And for those of us who work from our homes, well we could just make every day funny hat day and nobody would know.

Click on image to see it larger.

Secondly I did notice that this is a very good photo with nice depth of field. Love the way the brim is in focus, but not the crown of the hat.

I'm guessing that what she's wearing is somehow significant to a particular culture. Since there is no indication as to where this photographer had their studio I can't make any guess about which immigrant group was the most predominant in the area. Perhaps German or Swiss?

In fact, I can't find anything concrete about this photographer, G. H. Huntzinger. I did find a photo for sale on eBay taken in Indiana by someone named Huntzinger and two references for photos in a library in Ohio, but have no way of knowing if it's the same person.

Oh, and I'm writing this wearing a funny hat. I'll let you imagine what it is.


  1. It's a funny hat, but very cute and stylish. I gave a way all of my funny hats, but I know there's a tiara around here somewhere...

  2. You got my vote for a Funny Hat Day!

  3. It sorta looks like a smallish sombrero. I have negatives from my in-laws taken in the early Teens - men on the tractor and combine wearing sombreros with the little balls all around the rim. F-I-L is dead now, but ten years ago when we discovered the box of negatives, he had no idea why they were wearing them or where they came from.

  4. Obviously they were party people at heart!

    My best friend and I have these imaginary alter egos where we dress in big sombreros and the frilly sleeved shirts that Ricky Ricardo's band used to wear. We call ourselves SeƱor DingDong because in our minds we run through a neighborhood ringing people's doorbells and then when they answer we dance. Probably a good thing it only takes place in our minds.