MARGARET looks at rockets

Remember Margaret and the Three Buck Big Box of Photos? Nice Margaret who likes to write times/dates/locations on the back of her photos? I decided it was time to go back and see what else Margaret had to offer.

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I give you Margaret's rocket shots taken in 1962. One US Army rocket and one Atlas rocket. Unfortunately Margaret did not write anything on the back of either image so all we have are the stamped dates. I have no idea where these were taken. Perhaps there was a display down in Southern California at Vandenberg Air Force Base. If she travelled to Florida to Cape Canaveral I don't find any other photos indicating such a trip.

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In 1962 I wonder how much Margaret paid attention to the race with the Russians into space. Did she stand and look at the rockets and instead think about her hair appointment or focus on watching her grandchildren running around the tarmac?

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Margaret was probably in her late 60s to early 70s when these shots were taken. I'm betting she rarely, if ever, brought up the rockets in conversation after seeing them. But if she saw a launch on tv she felt a certain patriotism in knowing the US could actually do something so grand.

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