Welcome to the first Mona Lisa Smile Tuesday! Possibly, no...likely ONLY Mona Lisa Smile Tuesday.

Finding a photo on a cabinet card with someone smirking doesn't happen too often. Sometimes people just look a bit crazy as they try not to blink. Sometimes they look like wooden statues. It's rare to find one with some personality coming through.

Click on image to see it larger.

This fellow either just naturally had a slight smile all the time or was thinking of something while the shot was being taken. Perhaps a risque joke the photographer had just told.

And speaking of the photographer...well I was, not to you, but to the person standing behind me...Black in Lancaster, PA. Nada, zip, nothing found online.

So we don't know who the fellow is with the Mona Lisa Smile (and doubt he'd be too thrilled to be the feature today at this special event), nor do we know anything about the photographer other than last name and address. I really thought there would be something. Anyone out there know anything about Mr. Black? I'm assuming it's a Mister, though if it is a Miss Black I think we'd easily figure out where the smile came from.

Another great photo from Bert's collection.


  1. There's something very warm and gentle about his smile, even if he does have a twinkle in his eye.

  2. And it's so rare to see a smile in this old shots. He was a contented soul when the shot was taken.