Add this date to your calendar so you'll remember to celebrate next year. I'll call it "'Oh Shoot, I Forgot to Take the Curlers Out!' Thursday" which of course next year will actually be "'Oh Shoot, I Forgot to Take the Curlers Out!' Friday." I think you can see where this is going. Only we will know it's a holiday. A very moving holiday.

Click image to see it larger.

Seriously, doesn't this woman look like she went out with the curlers still in? I had a friend that did this. I can remember going to a Chinese restaurant with her and she had 4 curlers in, the pink plastic type. I didn't say anything because she often walked around the house with a few pink curlers at all hours of the day. I guess maybe she saw her reflection in the window and suddenly said, "Oh shoot!" and began pulling the curlers out. She placed them on the table next to the film cans she kept quarters in. She owned an apartment building and used to empty out the coin boxes from the washing machines and dryers, all quarters. She kept the quarters in the film cans and when it came time to pay for the meal she'd start stacking quarters on the table. I miss her. She died in 1999.

Obviously this woman died a long long time ago. There is no information about her and I'm not finding anything about the photo studio. There appears to have been many photographers in Joliet, Illinois because when I search I find other studios, just not this one.

So go stick a curler in your hair and carry it proudly through the day. Guys too. Believe me if your friends have to ask they don't know you all that well. And if a stranger looks at you strangely just say, "Happy 'Oh Shoot, I Forgot to Take the Curlers Out! Thursday" and they'll give you wide berth.

Another photo from Bert's collection.

For those of you who love cabinet cards I have added another site to my "Other Sites, Other Worlds" list to the left: The Cabinet Card Gallery. No information if the person running the site is the owner of the cards. In fact, no information at all about the site owner.


  1. So funny! I spent much of my life with my hair in curlers. I blame it all on Shirley Temple who is my age. All little girls had to have curls. I even had a perm on one of those machines that that had the little things hanging down to be clipped onto the rods in your hair. Egad! Darling picture.

  2. Oh those implements of torture! You actually we wired up like the Bride of Frankenstein. I've seen those things and wondered what cruel person invented it.

    I do remember in my early teens going to bed with huge huge curlers on and trying to sleep. Always a nightmare because your face never even got close to the pillow. Tried the orange juice can deal too. Was really glad when blow dryers came along!

  3. love it- reminded me of when I actually put HUGE rollers in my hair because I HATED my curly hair...hahah now I love my wash n' wear hair..............

  4. Oh yes! It is so nice to have finally come to terms with my hair and say it's fine just the way it is. And having curly hair with today's technology I can have curly or straight whenever I want. It's sort of like finding out chocolate is a health food. Nice to know I've lived long enough for that to become a fact!