I'd say that over 90% of the photos in my collection are of unknown people, even many from estate sales. Nothing is written on the back. They'll forever be nameless and without a location. The following photos are different. I know their names.

Meet George and Gladys Kallman, brother and sister. These photos, along with hundreds more that my friend Bert gave me, are from the estate of George Kallman. Upon his passing there were no family members who wanted any of his photos.

George died at the age of 82. He was born in San Francisco to Alfred Kallman and Lorena Beck. I believe Alfred owned a house painting company and Lorena was a nurse. The Kallman's were Swedish.

George worked for 40 years as an elementary schoolteacher. He never married, never had children. He loved dancing, especially the polka and Russian folk dancing. He was still dancing six months before his death.

He loved to ski and at age 78 decided to try snowboarding.

Gladys, like her mother, became a nurse. I don't know if Gladys ever married. I don't think she did.

Over the next several weeks for Sepia Saturday I will show more images from the lives of the Kallman family. I wish I had more information about their lives to post with the images, but I'm happy to have this. And happy to make sure George Kallman is not forgotten.

April 1930

December 1930

May 1932

July 1932

February 1933

January 1936

May 1937


  1. These are priceless. Loved the progression of their aging. Great job.

  2. I'll bet they have blue eyes - both of them. ;o)

  3. Great photos. So sad that there's no family to claim them. I guess we can become their surrogate family. Look forward to seeing the next group of photos.

  4. a wonderful collection of photos and good that they have landed in your safe keeping. I look forward to seeing more of the collection.

  5. It's wonderful that you're preserving the memory of these people. Imagine learning to snowboard at age 78. Those Scandinavians! They seem to have a real gusto for life, don't they?

    I think dancing as long as you can must be a great recipe for a long and happy life.


  6. oh such wonderful photos. I sympathize too no family to care for these photos, but all of us here enjoy this. It is hard to pick a favorite of the brother and sister;maybe the one with the scooter or the one with the flower in her hair! These remind me of some similar photos of my husband with his sister who died 5 years back. I'll pull some of those for Sepia soon.

  7. It so moving seeing the pictures and the story told

  8. All power to your project. There is something quite sad about the family photograph collection being lost or scattered when the last member of the family dies childless. And something quite noble about giving the family a new life via their photographs on the Internet.

  9. What boots they had! :)

  10. These are great. Flick the cards and it's like a movie of them growing older!

  11. These photos are priceless, the age difference are remarkable and the little girl by the faces and expressions she made...I'd love to see what kind of a grown up woman she became! Truly cool!

  12. I think you'll enjoy the coming weeks as I'll feature shots of George older, Gladys as a nurse and her first car, their parents, and some interesting shots from the mine their father Alfred owned. I'll also be featuring some ephemera from the musical group Alfred performed with. So stay tuned.

  13. I almost expected to see a photo of him snow boarding or skiing. Later perhaps. The graduation to long trousers was noticeable as he became smarter.

  14. Oh yes, there is a shot on skis with friends. Down the line.

  15. How fun to watch them grow! They look like very sturdy children who were well loved and well cared for.

    Thank you for your comment. I think that I have taken for granted all of the family history that has been handed down to me. I feel as if I had better kick into high gear and do as much as I can, asap. I appreciate you stopping by to say hello.

    God bless,

  16. Great photos..you showed them well..I liked watching them grow..too bad about no relative..but you got some great photos:)

  17. I do think it's going to be fun watching bits of this families lives unfold. I don't have much to go on so we'll just have to do our best when we look at the photos.

  18. loving the 1933 pic. pity that no one cared to have these. i know i found some in my father's things that i will return to his sister as she has descendants that may appreciate these pics. it was not for me to keep.

  19. It's so sad that there are all these family photos and no family to want them. The children are precious and it's so fun to watch them grow before our eyes. I love little Gladys' dress and George's jumpsuit in 1932.

  20. Remember they're just photos. It doesn't mean there was no love. I've found a lot of people just aren't wrapped up in family history and photos the way many of us are. Lucky for me!

  21. George was our dear neighbor and a delight. Interested in everything from dancing to astronomy. We were contacted recently by one of his relatives but unfortunately lost the telephone number. I believe she lives in Sonoma. Can anyone assist us?

    1. Thrilled to hear from someone who knew George. Sorry, but I can't help you with contacting his relatives. Perhaps one of them will find this post.